Enhance your sleep therapy experience with the SleepBridge™ app. Available on the App Store and Google Play, this app is easy to use with your Somnera® System Airbox and helps you stay on track with your sleep apnea treatment.

Highlights of the SleepBridge™ App

Simple setup

Sync the SleepBridge app with your Somnera System Airbox in seconds

Clear feedback

View your sleep data, including daily sleep scores, usage times, and trends

Easy access

View your sleep reports and device settings

Safe records

Upload your sleep data to the Cloud using the app or manual Uploader

SleepBridge™ Support Program

New healthy habits take time to develop. Your sleep therapy needs a personal touch and the SleepBridge Support Program is here for you. Every purchase of the Somnera System Airbox includes individualized sleep coaching for better results at no additional cost and scheduled at your convenience. After purchasing a system, schedule your setup call by calling our dedicated toll-free US number: 1-844-420-1319.

Patients who are new to therapy or who have tried CPAP before rave about the benefits of enrolling in the free SleepBridge Support Program. This unique and effective program includes:

  • A virtual, one-on-one consultation to help you set up your system for success
  • Ongoing virtual support from your coach, with tips and encouragement to keep you on track

New Healthy Habits Can Be Rewarded!

Combine the Somnera System with the FREE SleepBridge Support Program to reclaim your night! For a limited time, patients who purchase a Somnera System and attend a live setup call as well as one additional live follow-up call with a certified SleepBridge coach will be eligible for a $100 eGift card incentive. (See specific details for incentive terms and requirements.)