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An Elegant, Effective Alternative to CPAP

Advanced Sleep Apnea Therapy

“My CPAP hose was my enemy. I have a new friend.”

“Say goodbye to your CPAP humidifier. Forever!”

“One amazing sleep apnea system for home and travel.”

Somnera™ System

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What Are Actual Users Saying?

“The hose - so light and smooth, it feels like you’re not attached to anything!”

“It’s just more simple - you do not have to deal with the humidifier and the associated maintenance or hose rain-out.”

“There is such a reduction in the jetting noise and the amount of airflow. My wife asked me if I had even turned it on.”

  • One sleep apnea system for home
    and while away.
  • Small, lightweight, elegant design disappears on the nightstand.
  • Easy to use intuitive touchscreen display.
  • Check your progress on your smartphone with the SleepBridge™ app.
  • System includes: User Interface, SmartValve™, Hose, Airbox and Travel Bag.

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