Frequently Asked Questions

If you are tired of battling your CPAP hose, the Somnera Hose could be your new best friend. CPAP hoses are heavy, industrial, and catch on the bedding, which can pull on the mask and disturb sleep. Somnera’s low-flow technology greatly reduces the airflow requirements for the Somnera Hose, which at 9mm in diameter is the smallest and lightest hose on the market. Optimized for ultimate comfort, the soft, stretchy smooth body design leaves patients feeling like they are not attached to anything when they are sleeping. The hose has proprietary connectors that rotate at both the mask and the Airbox to allow patients unparalleled freedom of movement throughout the night.

Low-flow technology eliminates the cumbersome humidifier and allows the system to feature a hose so light that patients don’t feel attached to anything during sleep. This is the first sleep apnea treatment that provides positive airway pressure without the continuous high airflow of CPAP. The reduced airflow has additional benefits: no humidifier is needed, and the hose is the smallest, lightest available. The Somnera System provides a great option to patients suffering from OSA who don’t want CPAP or who feel claustrophobic and overwhelmed by the continuous rushing airflow required to deliver therapy from traditional CPAP devices.

The Somnera® System was cleared by the FDA and is coming soon to the US market. Click here to sign up for our early release and you’ll be among the first to know when the Somnera System becomes available for purchase.

No, the Somnera System hose and mask may only be used with the Somnera System Airbox.

No, the Somnera System Airbox can only be connected to the Somnera System hose and mask.

The Somnera System provides the same therapeutic pressures as CPAP but does so by delivering much less airflow. Less airflow from the Airbox and the ability of the Somnera System to allow patients to also draw in room air helps to reduce excessive drying of the airway.

The components have been tested to last up to 90 days. Accessories should be checked before each use. If anything is worn or cracked it should be replaced.

Patients who purchase a Somnera System may enroll, at no charge in the SleepBridge™ Support Program, featuring trained sleep coaches who will schedule a virtual setup and additional ongoing virtual support visits to ensure the best individualized therapy experience. Patients who choose the Somnera System can feel extra confidence of being “in touch” with the safety and convenience of “no touch” virtual support at no additional cost.

The cost will be on par with existing premium CPAP complete systems. The Somnera System includes everything you need to begin your journey to great sleep. Sign up for our early release and you’ll be among the very first to know when the system is available for purchase.
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Yes, the Somnera System is FDA cleared to treat obstructive sleep apnea in adult patients.
Yes, the Somnera System fits within the existing reimbursement coding for CPAP devices. All insurers have different reimbursement policies. Check with your individual insurer.

Initially, the Somnera System is only available in the US. Sale of Somnera Systems is planned for additional countries and will be announced in the future.


Somnera System airbox

Product Features

  • Low-flow breathing experience
  • No humidifier needed
  • Small elegant design
  • Quiet operation
  • Simple touchscreen interface
  • GoToSleep™ with no airflow (option)

Patient Interface

Somnera sleep system represented on mannequin

Product Features

  • Smallest, lightest hose in the industry
  • Nasal Pillow and Nasal Mask interfaces available
  • Wide-open field of vision
  • Patented SmartValve™ low-flow PAP therapy
  • No annoying intentional leak
  • Rotating connectors for ease of movement
  • Reversible, adjustable, sleek universal headgear
  • Soft silicone – not made with natural rubber latex


SleepBridge app logo

Product Features

  • Enhance your sleep therapy experience
  • View daily sleep score and trends
  • Transfer sleep data from your Airbox to the cloud using Bluetooth® and your smart device
  • Search “SleepBridge” in app stores
SleepBridge app store and google play downloads

SleepBridge™ Cloud Portal

SleepBridge logo

Cloud Portal Features

  • Enhance your sleep therapy experience
  • View daily sleep score and trends
  • Generate and print sleep reports
  • Invite someone to view your sleep data
  • Manage your profile

SleepBridge™ Uploader

SleepBridge logo

Uploader Features

  • Manually upload sleep data to the cloud from the SD card
  • Save application shortcut to your Windows desktop
  • (Note: Only available for Windows PC)