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New Treatment Technology for Sleep Apnea Announced by San Clemente, Calif.-Based Somnera

Somnera’s new system “is a game changer” with the 22 million people dealing with sleep apnea, Cox says. “Sleep apnea is one of the most important healthcare markets, and patients with sleep apnea are more than tired: sleep apnea makes a host of other conditions, ranging from diabetes to dementia, worse. The problem is that most patients don’t want or can’t tolerate existing treatments.

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Somnera Launches New Sleep Apnea Treatment Technology

“As the number of sleep apnea diagnoses grows and reliance on CPAP continues to increase, the number of people who struggle with long-term adherence to CPAP therapy also increases. We are proud to work with Somnera on the launch of this disruptive, low-flow technology that can potentially benefit thousands of CPAP patients who are unsatisfied with traditional CPAP therapy,” said Anthony Zadnik, CEO of Agile Medical. “Somnera will be available for purchase and supported exclusively at The CPAP Shop.”

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Somnera Announces US Launch of New Treatment Technology for Sleep Apnea

Somnera, Inc., (Fresca Medical, Inc., d.b.a. Somnera Inc.), a privately held sleep solutions and connected health company, announces the launch of the Somnera™ System for Sleep Apnea patients. This is the first sleep apnea technology that provides positive airway pressure without the continuous high airflow of CPAP, thus creating a much more natural breathing experience that doesn’t require a humidifier.

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